2016 Agenda


08.50- 09.00

Welcome Address

09.00- 09.30

Opening Keynote presentation: Is this the Calm before the Storm? 2016 Year in Review and 2017 Market Outlook

09.30- 10.15

Technology innovation, regulation and digitization – what is driving the agenda in the C suite?

Hear top CIOs, CTOs and technology executives discuss their current challenges, strategies and forecasts for 2017 and beyond during this exclusive session! This “view from the top” will outline the latest trends and developments in technology innovation for the financial services to help you shape your future strategy!

  • How are fintech firms impacting the financial industry? Should banks be collaborating with them and if so, what value will this bring?
  • What is stalling innovation? – Are your users accepting change?
  • Which disruptive technologies will transform financial services over the next few years – is blockchain and ledger technology a key focus area?
  • Cyber security concerns – what approach have you taken within your firm and how are you managing ongoing threats?
  • Digital, social and innovative progression – how can firms attract the best talent when the financial industry is trailing behind consumer firms that have addressed a new way of working?
  • With technology advancements happening so frequently, what advice would you give to investment firms to stay up to speed on the latest technology?
  • What does the technology organization of the future look like and how will AI impact this?
Anthony Vigilante
MD, Head of Global Information Technology - MACKAY SHIELDS
Bill Murphy
Senior Managing Director and the Chief Technology Officer - BLACKSTONE GROUP
Michael McGovern
Chief Information Officer and Head of Systems - BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN
Alla Whitston
Enterprise Chief Technology Officer - BANK OF AMERICA
Nancy Selph
Chief Operating Officer for DB Labs - DEUTSCHE BANK
Ruth MacQuiddy
Vice President, Deutsche Bank Labs - DEUTSCHE BANK

10.15- 10.40

Sponsorship presentation: Next generation frictionless mobility for financial services

Dave Schuette
EVP and President, Enterprise Business Unit - SYNCHRONOSS

10.40- 11.05

Sponsorship presentation: Applying artificial intelligence to drive value in financial services

Gayle Sheppard
General Manager, Saffron Technology Group - INTEL CORPORATION

STREAM ONE: Trading, technology and automation

11.30- 12.15

Panel discussion: Harnessing Big Data to enhance analytic capabilities and make more informed trading decisions

  • Why is Big Data analytics becoming so important and what are the key drivers for Big Data?
  • Using machine learning to automate analytical model building to find new and hidden insights
  • What different content types (structured and unstructured) can help organisation to be more innovative?
  • Identifying trends and patterns of activity in structured and unstructured data to better understand your customers, users, transactions and systems
Tarun Dhot
Director, Advanced Analytics, Measurement & Insights, Client Experience and Client Care - CIBC
Sidita Zhabjaku
Senior Manager, Strategic Analytics - BMO
Paul Elderhorst
Enterprise Solutions Specialist - Thomson Reuters
Rohit Katti
Director and Chief Technologist - NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY

12.15- 1.00

Panel discussion: Innovation in automation, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the efficiency of the front office

  • To what extent can a firm use artificial intelligence to draw insight from their data and increase efficiency across the business
  • Automating workloads free up time but do the risks outweigh the rewards?
  • Understanding the security threats around AI and ensuring that these are effectively monitored to ensure that its implementation is worthwhile
  • Where will be 10 years from now: Will your staff be bigger or smaller? Will you have traders and what will they be using?
Victor Long
CEO and Co-Founder - META ALPHA
Jennifer L. Costley
Director, Physical Sciences, Sustainability & Engineering - THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES
Rossella Blatt Vital
VP, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Data Science Team Lead - SOCIETE GENERAL

1.00- 2.00

Lunch break and opportunity to network

1.50- 2.20

Exclusive Keynote Presentation: Innovation at scale in the corporate and investment bank

Keynote Speaker: Lori Beer
Chief Information Officer, Corporate & Investment Bank - JP MORGAN CHASE & CO

2.30- 3.15

Working together to boost liquidity across all asset classes

  • Tools and strategies to combat liquidity issues facing different asset classes – how are you segregating these?
  • Addressing the impact that market fragmentation has on sourcing liquidity
  • How does the fixed income space require a different approach in terms of sourcing liquidity? What can we learn from the fragmentation within the equities market?
  • Is the root cause of this issue, liquidity scarcity or a lack of access and pre-trade information? Can collaboration between the buy side and sell side assist with improving market efficiency?
Vlad Khandros
Global Head of Market Structure & Liquidity Strategy - UBS
Apollo Wong
Chief Risk Officer - VERITION FUND
Tatiana Segal
Partner and Head of Risk Management - SKYBRIDGE CAPITAL

3.15- 4.00

Panel discussion: Utilizing blockchain technologies in financial markets -making it a reality

  • What is blockchain and how does it differ from existing distributed databases?
  • Preparing for blockchain adoption and overcoming the limitations – speed, cost, latency and storage
  • Addressing public vs private blockchains – will financial institutions be able to accept the public nature of the ledger?
  • Examining the benefits of blockchain as a tool for regulatory compliance
  • How can it be regulated and how do we expect regulators to respond?
Christopher Burniske
Blockchain Products Lead - ARK INVEST
Christopher Boivin
Vice President, Markets Strategy - BNY MELLON
Christopher A. Price
VP, Technology Architecture and Innovation - NORTHERN TRUST
Megan Brewer
Head of Innovation, Credit Suisse Group Technology Strategy & Architecture - CREDIT SUISSE

STREAM TWO: Infrastructure and digitization

11.30- 12.15

Panel discussion: An examination of the growing confidence in adopting cloud services to meet evolving business needs

  • What do companies need to do to be operationally nimble in order to harness the opportunity that digital transformation presents – can cloud adoption assist?
  • As the adoption of public cloud in financial services continues to increase- what security, privacy and compliance issues need to be considered?
  • Assessing which processes to automate in order to improve agility and performance
  • Improving communication to get what you need from your cloud service provider – how is your cloud provider addressing data availability and data protection issues?
  • Addressing how the adoption of cloud infrastructure can enable businesses to be more agile and respond to customer needs more quickly
  • Looking ahead: will the percentage of IT consumption on internal infrastructure fall as cloud adoption accelerates?
Jay Leek
Chief Information Security Officer - BLACKSTONE GROUP
David Saul
Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist - STATESTREET
Gary Bhattacharjee
Former Head of Enterprise Information Solutions - MORGAN STANLEY
John Polis
Chief Technology Officer - STAR MOUNTAIN CAPITAL

12.15- 1.00

Panel discussion: Creating a holistic view of your data for improved access, quality, transparency and governance

  • Defining what data governance means to your business and understanding what is driving data governance efforts in your firm
  • With the role of the CDO seldom a board level appointment, who do you think is ultimately accountable for data governance? What do US regulators say?
  • Getting your systems and processes in order – how are you ensuring quick and secure access while maintaining quality?
  • Understanding how you can monetize your data governance strategy
  • How are you incorporating data security and privacy into your data governance model?
Thomas Mavroudis
Global Head of Data Governance and Data Quality - HSBC
Julia Bardmesser
Head of Data Quality Management - DEUTSCHE BANK
John Fleming
Chief Governance Officer - BNY MELLON
Tara L. Castleberry
VP Program Delivery – Enterprise Data Management - AIG

1.00- 2.00

Lunch break and opportunity to network

1.50- 2.20

Exclusive Keynote Presentation: Innovation at scale in the corporate and investment bank

Keynote Speaker: Lori Beer
Chief Information Officer, Corporate & Investment Bank - JP MORGAN CHASE & CO

2.30- 3.15

Panel discussion: Leveraging technology to ease compliance and drive value from regulatory initiatives

  • What are the specific challenges associated with regulatory reporting?
  • Consolidating global financial regulatory compliance obligations into one technology-based solution – what are the pro’s and con’s?
  • Leveraging technology to consolidate and aggregate data across legacy systems and non-standard metadata – how can we address data management challenges with technology tools?
  • Overcoming the challenges associated with creating a reconciled and transparent reporting environment
Julia Bardmesser
Head of Data Quality Management - DEUTSCHE BANK
John Bottega
Senior Advisor and Consultant - EDM COUNCIL
Joseph Lodato
MD, Global Head of Compliance Technology and Surveillance - GUGGENHEIM PARTNERS

3.15- 4.00

Panel discussion: Leveraging Know Your Client (KYC) to transform client onboarding and address business and regulatory imperatives

  • Examining the industry’s progress – making onboarding a holistic operation, spanning the enterprise
  • Implementing new technologies to speed up client onboarding, reduce costs and risk, improve customer service and ensure you Know Your Customer
  • Harnessing utilities and/or managed services to improve the KYC processe
  • To what extent can (or should) outsourcers take on the legal liability for the KYC process?
Manash Banerjee
Executive Director - NOMURA
Rochelle Brenner
VP, Compliance Officer - CITI
Jackie Hayes
Head of Data Operations - WELLS FARGO
Rick Aiere
IT Manager - AIG

4.10- 4.20

Afternoon break and and opportunity to network

4.25- 4.50

GUEST PRESENTATION: Tom Hardin, Tipper X, the FBI’s most productive cooperating witness in Operation Perfect Hedge

The inside story of “Tipper X” – how a former hedge fund analyst became one of the most prolific FBI informants in securities fraud history

4.50- 5.30

Champagne roundtables: Bring your questions and leave with your answers!

Join a roundtable to take part in an informal discussion on your preferred topic over a glass of Champagne

Roundtable 1:  Incubators and partnering with fintech firms
Host: Ruth R. MacQuiddy, Vice President, Deutsche Bank Labs, DEUTSCHE BANK

Roundtable 2: Big Data and analytics
Host: Charles Fiori, Consultant, SELF EMPLOYED

Roundtable 3: AI and machine learning
Host:  Aneesh Lele, Portfolio Director for financial services, THOUGHTWORKS

Roundtable 4: Blockchain and distributed ledgers
Host: Allison Paz, Vice President, Global Client Management, BNY MELLON

Roundtable 5: Women in data
Host: Megan Brewer, Head of Innovation, CREDIT SUISSE

Roundtable 6: Data governance
Tara Castleberry, Vice President EDM -Program Delivery, AIG

5.30- 5.35

Closing Remarks

5.25- 7.00

Cocktail reception

7.00- 10.00

American Financial Technology Awards 2016

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